Thursday, June 4, 2009

You are crazy!!

If one more person tells me I am crazy for adopting I am going to scream. seriously. if you dont know what to say or you are shocked that we would even consider TWO children with special needs feel free to say "I am shocked" or "I just dont knwo what to say" its preferable to YOU ARE CRAZY! if you gave birth to a child and he or she surprised you by not being born the way you expected them to be would you want people to say when they see the child "you are crazy!"? Why do these kids need a home less than kids without special needs? why am I crazy for wanting to give not one but TWO kids a chance at a future that will not be offered to them in their own country? Why am I crazy for thinking outside the box and having more children through adoption and not pregnancy? when your cousins brothers friend has her 8th pregnancy does anyone say to her You are crazy? no. does anyone look at the duggars with 18! children all by birth and tell them they are crazy for having so many children? no they tune in to watch. so how is my ADOPTING two children crazy? how am I crazy for giving of my time and of myself to help someone (two someones) who have less than me?