Saturday, June 27, 2009

DARN! wrong again!

I didnt notice but the notary crossed out a number! I guess that's a no no. no crossed out anything. if you mess up you do it again, you cant cross it out. better yet DONT MESS UP! AND no one in the court house had a notary that expired later than jan31,10 which means I need to find my OWN notary to take with me and go have them REDO it. the only thing that makes this such a hassle is its a good 30 miles away! but hey! closer than maryland!(where the home office of our mort co is) so Now I have to scrape up a notary. where would I find one of those? I have a freind who said she would notary anything I needed but guess what? hers expires the same time. anyone in THIS town isnt really useful since I have to go to THAT town 30 miles away. There is a branch of our credit union there. maybe I can get someone there. gosh who knew this was gonna be so hard! Well at least they were sympathetic at the assessors office and didnt even bat an eyelash at filling in the numbers for payment and balance. so off we go to do it again. not until next week of course since the court house isnt open on saturday! Monday I will call my hs agency about my prints and see where that is. I WANT WANT WANT all this to fall together quickly and smoothly and that is not at all what is happening. GRR! ok, deep breath, now go do that form over and be thankful you can. yes thats what I need to say instead.