Saturday, June 6, 2009


remember the six week thing? the letter came today!! we have apts on june 18 for fingerprinting! yay!!! AND its on a thursday which is Erics day off! PERRRRFECT!

tomorrow the social worker is supposed to stop by but I havent heard from her as to what time....

aaaaand I got the letter from the mortgage company....and of course it isnt correct. it has the correct info but is not notarised. Not sure what to do now since I cant seem to taalk to anyone who isnt in India! I said several times NOTARIZED IN BLUE. do you understand? it MUST BE NOTARIZED! MAKE SURE its notarized in BLUE! and guess what it isnt notarized at all. how does one talk to someone in the states???? I called every number i could get for the company. and of course there isnt even an office in this STATE for them. We have our mortgage with citimortgage has anyone had any experience with them? can anyone give me any clues? hints? phone numbers?

edited to add: talked with sw and she isnt coming this weekend. but said it wont hold up the hs at all. it is already written but still waiting for the stupid adam walsh check to come back!