Friday, June 19, 2009

the good the bad and the ugly

we went to our appt at BCIS yesterday. filled out the paperwork and did our prints along with lots of other people from everywhere. We sat next to a young man from Kenya. he was very nice and it was fun to hear him talk. I loved his accent and we love learning about other places. we also got the background police check done.

hurried out of the city so we would have time to stop for a swim on the way back.

thats when things turned ugly. it turns out that the prints i did for the adam walsh background check for the HOMESTUDY wasnt acceptable. or werent accepted. so I have to do them again. why did it take them a MONTH to tell me they werent acceptable?? Erics check is back fine. but again no homestudy without the release of the background check. so now I have to wait for the form to arrive, wait for the day the county does these, and wait for them to redo them. grrr. GRRRR I say! a MONTH! it took them a MONTH when they claim they can do these in MINUTES! I suppose just because they CAN do them in minutes doesnt mean they INTEND to. so I waited a month only to do it all again and wait who knows how long again. so now my I600A is all ready to go....except they dont have my hs....and they WONT have my homestudy until I get the adam walsh back, whenever THAT is. I am so discouraged. This little boy especially is on borrowed time. the little girl isnt yet 4 but the boy is 5 and half! any day they could tire of caring for him or need his spot for a new child and he would be sent away. oh I hope we can get there in time.