Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Look

I got the look again yesterday. Ethan told someone (who knew we were adopting) about his new brother and sister have legs thaat dont work. they gave me the look. the WHAT? their legs dont WORK? wht do you mean their legs dont WORK!? I just said they have a joint disorder and carried on with what I was doing. I am prepared for strangers to give the look but this is someone I know and respect and she is a NURSE so she should know better. she works with mostly elderly though so maybe she doesnt encounter a lot of young people who are different physically. the look still really hurt my feelings. I have to get me some thick skin in a hurry. I have to for the kids so that they can learn to let comments roll off. I do think it very sweet though tht ethan is so excited about his brother and sister.