Wednesday, June 3, 2009

moving along

paper trail
I have a lot of papers "in progress" several printed and ready to be signed and some still need to be printed but cant be because I dont have husbands new passport yet. pretty much everything on the checklist for dossier is either in hand, in progress, ready to be signed or waiting for passport. the medical forms are with the doc and I just had my mantoux checked. of course the dr license is coming too. INS is filed. homestudy is almost finished and along with that goes sw license and agency license. Expect that to be finished any day. Waiting for the thing from the mortgage company(of course when you can only speak to someone in Indiam chnces are it will not be the correct thing. Erics passport is in process and they are saying approx 2-4more weeks. hoping for TWO! have marriage licenses. tomorrow we will get the state clearance from beaureau of criminal investigations or whatever they are called. this dossier is coming together a lot faster/easier than when we went to Russia 5 years ago. Not sure why. maybe its the knowledge of having done it once already, maybe its having a hs agency who wants to finish the hs and is in regular contact with me(yknow instead of moving and losing my phone number) maybe its not using the crummy placing agency we used last time. or any combination thereof. its just been easier.

given that both kids are not mobile can any one who has already been there guide me on how to get them home? strollers for each? double stroller? slings(not sure how that will work with their disabilities) carry them? I think thaat arms are going to get tired and strollers are a better option than slings because of their ages. husband thinks slings will be better and easier and we shouldnt worry about it right now. My thoughts are that if I am going to take strollers/stroller I do not want to put my good one on the airplane and I could get one/two from garage sales this summer, and need to keep my eye out for one. I have a double stroller in good clean shape. much like new. I have a single stroller I love love love and used for my daughter. but I would hate for something to happen to it on the plane, already the brakes no longer work. and I have a cheapo that is just too short for us. very hard on the back. so tell me your thoughts veteran parents.