Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thinking again.

I was talking to this lady at the store and she was saying how her husband thought that if they had adopted a black child he would have been out there playing football or basketball. but that they never did adopt because of opinions of the time. This got me to thinking. stereotypes. Not all kids of color are sporty. some are writers or poets or bookworms or just ordinary kids who arent interested in sports. that is like assuming every one who is tall plays basketball. which leads me to wondering what people will think when they see my kids. They are obviously different. but what stereotype will people put them in? incapable? brain damaged? I generally see people in wheelchairs as people whose legs dont let them walk for whatever reason. That is what I teach my kids. people in wheelchairs are there because they are unable to walk and the chair helps them get where they are going. But what do other people see? do they see someone less than themselves? I dont care so much what anyone thinks of me for having them, but it breaks my heart to think someone would think of THEM as less important, less special, or just LESS of a person. kids are kids. big ones small ones kids who walk kids who roll kids who talk kids who sign kids who see kids who dont they are all just kids. kids who play kids who need kids with feelings. I imagine I am entering a whole new world bringing home these kids. I will probably see a lot of things I have never seen or noticed before. of course one look at those little faces and I am willing to deal with anything thrown at us along the way.