Friday, June 26, 2009

Guess what!

the mortgage letter came!!
and GUESS WHAT! it's wrong.
sigh. why is this so difficult to understand?
It WAS notarised this time but didnt include all the
necessary information. grrr.

Maia keeps calling the kids Sophie and Jack. she wants him
to be "not Jackson. Just Jack." so she says should we get
____ for sophie and jack? and I am like huh? who? I love
Jack. I really do. I always wanted a Jack. But there is a nephew with
the same last name who goes by Jack. I thought of calling him A.... Jackson
and then call him AJ or jack but it wouldnt be his legal first name. of course the other Jack's name is really Jacob. so Jackson wouldnt mix things up.
I just polled the kids and three said Jackson and one said Sawyer. of course daddy
holds the final vote lol. I just cant seem to get used to calling him Sawyer. I hadnt wanted to call him Jack because of the other Jack but since that Jack has all but fallen off the face of the earth maybe it will be ok? tell me what you think?