Monday, June 29, 2009

County Assessor form

I think I got it right this time. waiting final approval of Mer and Mac but no cross outs, notary not until 2012, all in blue, all parts filled in, on letterhead. Had to get a notary from veteran affairs office to go with me since no one in the actual courthouse has a notary that goes out far enough. this means I no longer have to deal with IMPOSSIBLE people at mortgage co.

Have a call in to my ageny about my prints. that is the limiting factor here. the thing that is driving me NUTS waiting for. it is holding up the hs as well as the I600A. Good thing I filed the I600A already because I would hate to have to wait even LONGER if I sent it in when I got the hs. Come on prints, get approved! I swear there is nothing in my record so someone just approve those things already!