Saturday, June 27, 2009

today was great!

we went to the redezvous today and did lots of neat things. the little kids threw tomohawks!! we used a double handled blade to help a guy carve a piece of osage orange that is being turned into a bow. chrysta eric ethan maia and I all tried it. it was neat. we saw a blacksmith working. it was neat. I should have great photos to insert here but I dont since someone misplaced my bttery charger for my camera.

Ethan and Maia are learning to ride bikes!! they are doing great!! all training wheels are off! the training wheels were breaking and each bike was down to one so I said ok off they come! Even Ethan is working at it, he was pretty hesitant to even TRY the other night when we got out the bikes, now he is almost riding!! all he needs is confidence!