Wednesday, June 17, 2009

adam walsh

well I called the agency and eric's is in but not mine. what the heck? why dont they process them TOGETHER??? Eric's is in but mine still says need more time. how much time do they need, I dont even have so much as a PARKING TICKET! my background check should be completely clean. I have never been in trouble with the law even before I was 18. I have never had a speeding ticket, or a parking ticket. not here not in Iowa. so why is it so hard to finish my background check and send it on??? this is SO FRUSTRATING!! and oh by the way it takes a week to get the hard copy after it is approved online. His was approved today. GRRRR. DHS says on their website that it can be done in minutes! hours! instead of days or weeks or months. and it is a month later and it still isnt done. guess grandpa wasnt right when he said they wouldnt print it if it wasnt true gal!

do they not understand the incredible urgency here? sure I suppose everyone having it done says its urgent but I think if dhs had the kids interests at heart like they claim they would be in a hurry to get these done and sent on to appropriate agency. instead they draaaaag their feet. and draaaaag their feet some more.

I think I am going to go read Mercer Mayers book "I was so mad" because right now I AM MAD!