Wednesday, April 29, 2009

we have a winner!

we are going to name her Anastasia Elizabeth and call her Ana. and the homestudy agency info arrived yest. I hope to get through a lot of it today. Eric is off tomorrow so he can work on his part then and get it off in the mail. Hopefully it will all go quickly!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 agencies which to choose

1 agency didnt answer but did get back to me. and wont make us do the education requirements because Ukraine isnt hague. they also will overlook our basement's current state, as long as they understand that it isnt permanent. but it wouldnt be finished in 3-4 weeks. they also come highly recommended.

The other said they could do it quickly, in about 3-4 weeks. but I believe we would have to do the trainings. and I dont know how they will feel abotu the basement. and they are more expensive.

so do I go with the agency that has a reputation for getting the job done and hope it doesnt take too long or go with the agency that says they will knock it out quickly but will they find hangups that will add time in the end?

Eric said go with the one that is quick but I am just not sure. I know time is of the essence here but my gut says this agency is going to be a problem, and I know the last hs we had turned out to be a nightmare and I dont want to go through that again knowing an identified child is waiting.

edited to add: I spoke again with the second agency and we do NOT have to do the ten hour trainings. but usually they ask for three hours in their office one time. AND they wont have a problem wiht the basement. so its all falling into place. this must really be our child!

Monday, April 27, 2009

step 1

I called around looking for a homestudy agency today. I nearly burst into tears when I spoke with the first one. Well over $5000 and at LEAST 3 months to do it. We need it asap, we need to get stuff done so we can go get her before its too late!! Thankfully I called around to about a dozen places in my state. The one I decided to go with is International Adoption Services out of minneapolis. Of the places I called and explained the situation to this woman was the ONLY ONE to tell me WHY it would take at least 3 to 4 weeks. Everyone else was just like yeah well this is how we do things like it or lump it. You start to wonder who is in this business for the money and who is in this business to save the children. I also Emailed Andrea from RR to tell her we found a hs agency that would do a hs quicklike, I also asked her about sending our contract and promise deposit. so hopefully we will be matched with babygirl on the website soon. I really am not worried that someone else will adopt her. If so, then perhaps someone else is better suited to her needs than we are. but I generally find that people are not willing to take on a child already aged 3 and likely close to 4 before coming home. and IF they might consider that they would choose a healthy child with no disabilities. This child does not yet walk and has some other medical issues and I dont think people are knocking down the doors in country to adopt her. Its just a matter of getting to her before its too late. So off we go. into the adoption adventure.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Adoption is an expensive option, and its a tough road to go. Adoptions dont happen easily and without a lot of work on your part. But then giving birth requires a lot of work too, but it is a different sort of work. In adoption though you have lots of paperwork to do. lots of "requirements" to do. lots of hoops to jump to prove that you will indeed be worthy of the child.

So starting monday we jump. and jump. and jump. as many hoops as it takes, we will jump, until our little girl comes home. She isnt perfect, but thats ok, neither are we. hopefully we will be able to make that work to our advantage. Its funny that I want this little girl SO MUCH and yet I wasnt even looking for a child older than about a year and now I here I am in love with a three year old. She is all I can think about. so many questions run through my mind. Where is she now? what is she doing? what should we call her? should we change her given name? will we be able to jump all the hoops necessary to get her home asap?

Another thing on my mind is how do I prepare for her? I know how to prepar for a newborn. but how do you prepare for a three year old who is differently abled? and how old will she be before she gets here? will we get her home before she is 4? is she still in a crib there? should I buy her a bed? what size is she? how do I know what sized clothes to buy? I know I will be able to scrape up some handmedown dresses from sister. so she wont be completely without.

speaking of sister...or sisters...and brothers....we have only vaguely spoken in front of them about bringing home babygirl. (since we havent decided on a name I just call her babygirl) waiting just a bit to share that with them. when things are a little further a long and we shouldnt have to UNtell them then we will share the news. But I suppose we will have to talk about it for the homestudy update/redo.