Monday, April 27, 2009

step 1

I called around looking for a homestudy agency today. I nearly burst into tears when I spoke with the first one. Well over $5000 and at LEAST 3 months to do it. We need it asap, we need to get stuff done so we can go get her before its too late!! Thankfully I called around to about a dozen places in my state. The one I decided to go with is International Adoption Services out of minneapolis. Of the places I called and explained the situation to this woman was the ONLY ONE to tell me WHY it would take at least 3 to 4 weeks. Everyone else was just like yeah well this is how we do things like it or lump it. You start to wonder who is in this business for the money and who is in this business to save the children. I also Emailed Andrea from RR to tell her we found a hs agency that would do a hs quicklike, I also asked her about sending our contract and promise deposit. so hopefully we will be matched with babygirl on the website soon. I really am not worried that someone else will adopt her. If so, then perhaps someone else is better suited to her needs than we are. but I generally find that people are not willing to take on a child already aged 3 and likely close to 4 before coming home. and IF they might consider that they would choose a healthy child with no disabilities. This child does not yet walk and has some other medical issues and I dont think people are knocking down the doors in country to adopt her. Its just a matter of getting to her before its too late. So off we go. into the adoption adventure.