Sunday, April 26, 2009


Adoption is an expensive option, and its a tough road to go. Adoptions dont happen easily and without a lot of work on your part. But then giving birth requires a lot of work too, but it is a different sort of work. In adoption though you have lots of paperwork to do. lots of "requirements" to do. lots of hoops to jump to prove that you will indeed be worthy of the child.

So starting monday we jump. and jump. and jump. as many hoops as it takes, we will jump, until our little girl comes home. She isnt perfect, but thats ok, neither are we. hopefully we will be able to make that work to our advantage. Its funny that I want this little girl SO MUCH and yet I wasnt even looking for a child older than about a year and now I here I am in love with a three year old. She is all I can think about. so many questions run through my mind. Where is she now? what is she doing? what should we call her? should we change her given name? will we be able to jump all the hoops necessary to get her home asap?

Another thing on my mind is how do I prepare for her? I know how to prepar for a newborn. but how do you prepare for a three year old who is differently abled? and how old will she be before she gets here? will we get her home before she is 4? is she still in a crib there? should I buy her a bed? what size is she? how do I know what sized clothes to buy? I know I will be able to scrape up some handmedown dresses from sister. so she wont be completely without.

speaking of sister...or sisters...and brothers....we have only vaguely spoken in front of them about bringing home babygirl. (since we havent decided on a name I just call her babygirl) waiting just a bit to share that with them. when things are a little further a long and we shouldnt have to UNtell them then we will share the news. But I suppose we will have to talk about it for the homestudy update/redo.