Monday, June 22, 2009


redid my fingerprints for the adam walsh today. Went to another county where they did them manually and not on computer. the woman said she had been there 9 years and for adoptions they never do them on computer and she hasnt had any come back that she knows of. turns out I have poor minutia in my prints. she wrote on there that these were the best prints available and also her name and number and I mailed them off already. My own county woudlnt do them until weds or thurs. I didnt want to wait that long. it was cheaper and they could do them today in the neighbor county. I live just off the highway that divides the counties so it was actually closer to go to the other county, not to mention faster. sent those directly to DHS without stopping at the agency, so hopefully they will work them quickly. I also spoke with the man who I was to send them to twice today so hopefully when it hits his desk he will have a moment of recognition and do it quickly!

as for the dreaded mortgage letter, I am getting nowhere. I spoke with someone today who said they would ask the higher ups. so still I have no letter and do not know for certain I will get one. I called the county assessor, the county recorder, the title company, and about 15 people at citimortgage. we pay our mortgage faithfully but I would hate to be someone who really needed help with some mortgage problem because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done with them.

so those two things are the holdup. once the prints clear should be smooth sailing for hs and I600A and need only a few more simple documents for dossier and the daarn mortgage letter.
Hang in there Sophie and Sawyer I will be there just as fast as I can!