Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I know its a holiday week

and I shouldnt expect much in the way of governemnt work but I keep hoping. dhs can run those prints quick as a wink. why dont they?? agency checked on it today and says needs more time. Appaently THIS is the only state around that demands prints. they CAN go and do a manual search. I had to do that myself for the dossier. took all of ten minutes. why cant THEY do that? and why the prints if it really makes no difference? I mean wouldnt anything they would come up with come up on my federal prints? seems a little redundant but thats MN for ya, redundant. When we got married we were heading out of state for three years so didnt bother getting new license before leaving. so while we were gone I had my passport amended with the appropriate documents. and when we returned to MN I had to provide actual proof of the name change, the fact that the feds said it was ok wasnt enough for them they wanted the marriage cert. too much beaurocracy in this state!!! too much I tell you!! My kids are suffering and waiting and we are suffering and waiting because someone somewhere is on a power trip. I want so badly to see them, to touch them, to hold them. and it is nowhere in sight. everything is dependent on this ONE THING. oh please someone get the job done so we can get going!!