Friday, August 14, 2009


wondering when we should hear something. ANYTHING. even just yes I got it, its here, I am working on it. desperate for any info at this point. Thankfully Lydia has been kind enough to fill me in on alot of how things work and where things are. She had court today I think THINKING OF YOU LYDIA!!!!HOPE IT GOES WELL!!
I am extremely thankful for the communication from the other side of the pond. and the pictures are darling. but I am dying to go get the kids! Dying to See them. to hold them. Well I just had a talk with my daughter about how we dont always get what we want when we want it right now. sometimes we need to wait. sigh. I hate when my own words come back on me!!! so I need to wait. I cant always have whaat I want when I want. I need to wait. there is nothing I can do to hurry anything. its all out of my hands. breathe. wait. breathe. wait. breathe. wait. just keep breathing and waiting.