Tuesday, August 4, 2009

still waiting

this is week three. hopefully soon we will hear something. ANYTHING. they dont want us to bother them, they want us to take care of checking status automatically. but none of their automatic ways WORK! figures. I spent way too much money yesterday but I found the cutest outfits for Sophie. she will be so adorable in them. little A line swing tops with leggings. now all she needs is ruffly socks to go with them and some little patent leathers. I got a couple shirts for Ben, but I am just not sure on size for him. I dont see Sophie being more than a 4 but Ethan is 7 and wears about a 4 or 5 for length but waist can wear a 12-18 months. so I am out of sync on boy sizes. but I cant wait to see Sophie in her cute little tops and leggings. with ruffly socks of course. now if we could just get that missing link!!

what is fall like in their world? will it be cool warm downright cold? I had hoped to have it all together and go there before fall but that is obviously not going to happen.