Saturday, August 8, 2009

so excited!!

I just found out that my friend Lydia, due to change of circumstance, is adopting a child in the same orphanage as Sophie and Ben!!! I am SO EXCITED that someone is THERE! I just want to know everything!! I read her posts like three times over hoping for ANY information at all. I am hoping she will see our kids and get some photos. If she doesnt, at least I know that I wont be the first one to that region. Someone else has paved the way for us. They are apparently the very FIRST special needs adoption there!!!! We might very well be the second and third!!

I heard from Yulia and she is waiting for my dossier to arrive and will let me know when it does. I am so happy that it is out of my hands. I hope all is well with the documents and we dont have to redo many. or ANY. but at least the bulk of the work is done. if something needs redoing we can just redo it quicklike and send it on, no waiting for some other thing dependent on others. It is supposed to arrive by Weds, today is Saturday. Hope it gets there early! gosh I just want everything dont I? well waiting is hard and really the only thing I want is to have my Sophie and Ben home with us.