Monday, August 10, 2009

another letter from Lydia

she has again seen my Sophie and she sits in a special chair all of the time. Probably something like a wheelchair or therapy chair or something of the like. She told me all the scoop on the city, all the good places to eat. where the market is. where the computer place is(apparently ONLY at the post office!! dont think we will be uploading many photos while there since we werent planning to bring our laptop, its SO HEAVY!) I guess the choice of hotel is pretty limited, like there is only one. I dont care though, I will stay in a little thatched hut if necessary(wouldnt be the first time I stayed in a hut) The thing that concerns me is that she hasnt been able to see my Ben. Where is my Ben? I thought Sophie and Ben were in the same group together. They are only 2 years apart in age. closer to year and half. Neither walk. I am happy to have news of Sophie and of the city she is in. I sure wish I could get some word about Ben though.

I just checked the tracking and my dossier is IN COUNTRY! In city of destination even. YAY! Now, where is my Ben?