Thursday, August 27, 2009

crazy crazy crazy crazy


this is so crazy! I have so many things to do I dont even know what to do first. so I thought "hey I know! I'll blog awhile!" so here is where are. besides crazy. Got a date of the 8th. which means I will miss #1 son's 15th birthday on the 11th. darn. But we can have birthday before or after. he isnt a sentimental kind of kid, now my daughter on the other hand would probably break out in tears at the thought of missing her birthday(even though it isnt really MISSING it ist just MOVING the celebration!) so anyways back to the plan. We have two different agencies working on tickets for us to see what we can come up with. planning to leave 5th or 6th and return home 22ish. depending on when court is. Lydia had court just about a week after meeting the kids. so if THAT happens that way coming home 22nd works out fine. but of course all is at the mercy of the country as we all know.

so things I need to do. too many to think about. = )
this weekend we need to butcher the chickens.
cancel boys eye appt on the 22.
cancel campground reservations since we wont be camping laborday we will be
flying instead(in labor to have two children!)
pack my bag
get an adapter for plugging laptop
get a computer cover-neoprene sleeve
find someone to care for the cats
buy snacks (do international flights feed you anymore?)
still would like one more outfit
remember to pack the toys and photo albums.
oh and taxes, find copies of those.
and of course you know that we live in the middle of NOWHERE and have to drive an HOUR at least to get to a store to get what I need.
OH!! call orthodontist for toothbrushes he promised to send
family reunion luncheon this weekend(when I should be butchering chickens)
and probably a million other things I cant think of right now.
oh yes, camera, pack camera!! and get new mem card!!

advice? thoughts? what to pack/not pack? planning to pack light, I figure 4 bottoms, 4 tops gives me 16 outfits and a dress four court. Trying to keep it to a large backpack I have.