Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life as we know it

is about to change in a way we never imagined. and we couldnt be happier about it. All of my other children are self reliant, independent. they toilet themselves, feed themselves, dress and undress themselves. The two youngest are learning to make their own food now. They can make toast and cheese(with supervision using the toaster, call me paranoid) which they love. They also make PBJ sandwiches and I have moved the plates to a lower place where they can get their own. The older two essentially show up for meals and money haha. They are very independent in doing their own thing.

Now we are bringing home not one but TWO children who are unable to walk. Very likely not toilet trained, but even if they are they cant be independent with it when they cant walk. They likely dont feed themselves either. So we are adding 3 and 5 year old infants with brains of preschoolers. How that must be difficult for them to see others their size DOING and knowing they cant. Well when they come here, we will do what needs doing and encourage them to learn to do for themselves. it may take a long time to come but I believe if we give them a chance they will find ways to do things. It may be unconventional ways but whatever works for them is ok with us. We will put them in beds low to the ground so they can easily learn to get in and out. Freedom might prove too enticing to stay in bed!

I find myself looking at things in new ways. the beach is inaccessible to someone in a chair. the bathrooms with handicapped stalls are barely big enough to turn around much less turn a chair and transfer. How in the world do people with disabilites function in a society that doesnt acommodate them? Some stores dont even have self opening doors! I want to become an advocate and at the same time push independence in my children. I will change their diapers until they can learn to use the toilet. I will feed them until they can feed themselves. I will love them forever. just like I have for all my other kids. We are a fairly active family and I fully expect to encounter situations that are just not acceptable. I dont know how to mentally prepare to deal with them.

I was reading the blog of a young woman going on a cruise. they refuse to acommodate her and she is fighting for equallity. I hope she wins. and until she does I hope she makes such a stink that there is no question that acommodations must be made.

I must admit I went into this blindly. I didnt think at all about all the things that WOULDNT be accessible to them. I thought only of the things that would. but with them and for them I will fight too. They deserve the same opportunities any ablebodied person has. That includes, shopping, liesure activities, parks, education, medical care, EVERYTHING. So bring it on world. I am ready to fight for my Sophie and Ben. They deserve nothing less than that.