Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I dont know how. but we will find a way to get those kids home. There is something else going on right now that I cant talk about. It complicates the adoption financing. there are definitely ways we can do it, just not the way we planned. and I like things to go according to plan. I never thought I was like that but as I have grown older I have found I really do like to have a plan and know how things will go. If the plan varies a little but stays mainly the same I am good. but when a plan goes completely awry and we have to throw it out and get a new plan THEN I get grumpy and tearful and discouraged. Hopefully in a day or two we will know more about that something else that is upsetting the plan. But my husband did say we could get extend a loan we already have rather than draining our emergency fund. I dont mind using some of the savings but would hate to empty it altogether. Our house payment alone is more than some people make in a month. so if something happened and we were without income we really NEED that in reserve.

so in short, yes we are still planning to bring home our Ben. How could we not? We know what his future holds there. Here he may not have the most expensive toys but he will never lack for love. never.

now on to selling the rest of those bracelets and have a garage sale, every penny counts right?