Sunday, August 9, 2009


I checked the tracking number and my package has left Paris France. so it is well on its way and nearly there! not sure it will take another 4 days to get where its going since they said wednesday delivery. early delivery would be awesome, but hey I will take on time delivery over no delivery at all. Hope all is well and dont have to redo anything. but I am prepared to rush about redoing anything they ask. but hopefully that will be unnecessary. Still hoping Lydia will get a glimpse of my kids but I know its busy when you are adopting and she just may not get the chance. I would so love more photos of Ben we have only the one. Sophie we have about 10. funny since they are both in the same group in the same place. maybe he is not as severe to warrant more pics. but he is less mobile so I wonder why that is. anwyays I am just anxious to get them. whatever their medical problems are, we will deal. we will cope. we just want them HERE! I worry that since Ben is nearly 6 he will be given the option to decide if he wants to come with us. Another child recently refused adoption at age 7 and that decision was honored by the country. Does a 6 or 7 year old have a clue whats best for them? I tend to think not. anyways what if Ben doesnt want to be our son? how would I tell the other kids Ben isnt coming home? Well I guess just hope for the best and wait and see. I cant wait to see his precious little impish smile in person!