Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dossier Completion

this was a crazy day! we rushed out to finish signing our documents at the credit union. then off to the cities to get the homestudy and get everything apostilled. we also had another appointment at 1 because we try to cram as much as possible in when we drive down there for the day. I called agency at 9. I called at 10.
I called at 11. I left messeges every time. I called again at noon, she hadnt gotten any of my messeges. well it isnt ready. they were waiting on a new notary for one of the office people. and thought they would have time to get it before my I600A was finished processing. I asked her to find someone else in the building that has a notary. she was full of excuses. but its lunchtime no one is here. we drove to the building anyways. and then found that the social worker signed in black ink when we specified many times it MUST BE IN BLUE INK. so we pushed and pushed her until she figured a way to get it done. she did go the extra mile in the end. finished our other appointment and rushed to meet her and get the documents that were newly notarized.

Rushed to the Sec of State office. Now you would think that Sec of State would be in the capital grounds. umm no. its in the retirement services building a couple miles away. so we rushed over there and it was after 3. they close at 4. I handed them my documents and one lady was all smiles and helpful and no worries we will get it done. the other lady was crabby and bossy and no! we will not be able to get this done! I said we drove all the way down here from MilleLacs. Doesnt matter! smiling woman keeps nodding and smiling saying its ok we will get it all done. we will try anyways.

waited awhile and noticed the carpet pattern resembles the symbol for toxic waste. interesting. people come, people go. then Crabby lady came back out and said can you come back tomorrow for these? (meanwhile I had already paid for them) I said with my mouth agape we live 150 miles away!!! she shakes her head. time ticks on.

I went to use the restroom while waiting and there was a large bulletin board there. and guess who was on it? yep! crabby lady is retiring it seems. Definitely time to retire if you hate your job so much you cant even be NICE to the customers anymore.

all the while, smiling happy gal keeps assuring me they will get it done. and sure enough they did. at about 1 minute before 4. I told them with tears in my eyes to tell the people in the back how incredibly grateful I am for their getting it finished. they wished us well and we were on our way home.

Dossier complete!