Friday, August 28, 2009

thanks patrick

patrick from Golden rule got us pretty darn decent fares with no change fee. in fact it is EXACTLY the flight I wanted minus the change fees if we need to change dates. We tried finding fares online and it was very annoying because you would be quoted a fare and then when you say buy this ticket they would say this ticket has gone up in price. EVERY SINGLE TIME! so the 1000 dollar ticket suddenly became a 4000 dollar ticket! that is just wrong!!! several sites did this to us. We contacted who we used for our last adoption 5 years ago. they were supposed to get back to us and as yet havent. so again I say THANK YOU PATRICK AT GOLDEN RULE TRAVEL. the flight does not leave msp until a little later in the morning AND it gets into my destination city at a decent hour as well. and on the way back we wont land here in MSP at 10pm or midnight. Home is a good two hours from the airport. so getting in, exhausted, at midnight then trying to drive home wouldnt be pretty. this works out much better. we would be driving in daylight hours. that helps.

so tickets? CHECK!
on to packing!
and buying!
and preparing!