Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Sophie and Ben

Other people are writing letters to their children and I wonder why this has never occurred to me. So here I am writing to you to tell you how much I love and miss you and how much my arms ache to hold you. Someday you can read this letter and know that you were so loved and wanted long before you landed in our arms. Your brothers and sisters ask for you every day. They always want to know, when is our Ben coming home? When will our Sophie be here? Not a day goes by that we are not thinking of you.

Last night I had a dream about you Sophie. I dreamt that you were deaf and mute and couldnt sign either because of your hands. I was worried that we wouldnt be able to communicate with you, but daddy said take her home, it will all work out, we just cant leave her there. And we brought you home and you were wonderful. Ben I havent had any dreams about you yet. I feel as though you are very far away now that you have moved. But soon we will all be together and not have to leave each other again.

We are so anxious to come for you but that is out of our control. The very minute we hear word that we can come we will be on our way! you can bet on it! Hope to see you soon.

Love, Mama