Sunday, August 23, 2009

no dates yet

BUT Miss Lydia has again seen my precious and sent me a photo. and even got a chance to say hello to my Sophie. she is JUST SO DARN CUTE! I cant wait to go there. they keep her in this wheelchair that looks absolutely GIGANTIC around her. She looks so tiny in it. I cant wait to hold her! Hurry up people who assign our appointment date!! hurry up!! I wish we had a new photo of Ben but we are very much looking forward to seeing him as well. The kids are struggling with mama being away from them. One just thinks we are doing it to slight him. One says She wants me to tuck her in and never lets anyone else tuck her. They will have a hard time at first. but we will all grow from it. They will learn that Mama means it when she says she will ALWAYS come back to them. It will be hard for me to be away from them too. They always GROW when I go away! once my husband took me on vacation and I had never been away from the kids. I cried and begged him to take me HOME! is that crazy? maybe. but I love my babies fiercely. I did manage to survive the vacation(even though I broke my leg) and the kids survived it too. so I imagine we can all do it again. and in the end we will have Sophie and Ben to love and play with. Will post Sophie photo later.