Wednesday, May 27, 2009

trying not to worry

the country where our children are is planning to plan on a temporary stoppage of adoption. right now they are talking about planning from what I hear. which means it could turn out to be nothing. but knowing how our adoption went last time with the other country in that part of the world I worry. these kids need to get home! HOME HOME HOME! not orphanage home, not baby home, not institution home, but family and love HOME. so if you had a moment maybe you will think good thoughts for our kids and our adoption we would be grateful! I dont know what we will do if we have to go through this again...... we had a child in mind in a country that closed its doors and never did reopen. its much like losing a pregnancy. losing the child, as well as all of the dreams you had for him or her. and then what? do you move forward somewhere else as if it never happened? not to mention the loss of money put in. At this point we dont have a lot of money invested that cant be turned into another country(ie homestudy )but our hearts are deeply invested. as are the hearts of our other children. these two kids have siblings who can hardly contain themselves waiting for them to come home and share their lives. how hard it would be to tell them sorry it isnt going to happen like we thought. so please country of choice let us get them home asap and dont hold us up! they dont know we even exist but we know they exist and a lot of hearts would be broken if they were unable to come into our home.