Tuesday, May 5, 2009

good news

Eric and I had planned to travel together trip one(Yeah I know its required) and bring CHrysta along. And on trip two I would travel back and bring Cody along and Eric would stay home and work. but it turns out he has a lot of sick days he can use, AND he has more vacaation days coming than he believed he did and he thinks he has enough to come with me BOTH trips! When we brought Ethan home it was such a special time together and I would really hate for him to miss out on that with this little one. and it isnt something you can get back. so if he can go with me that will be outstanding and awesome and Much to the dismay of my friends I really DO love spending time with him, and we love to travel together. He is such a gift to me. I still dont know if cody and chrysta can go with us or not. Still waiting to hear on that one. waiting for a return call.