Friday, May 8, 2009

the all important homestudy stuff came today. took a week to get here. a week we dont have. and looking through it I can say NOW I am officially overwhealmed. last time was way easier than this and it was RUSSIA! I suppose thorough is better so tht there will be no question of our competence when it comes time to go to get her. I am a bit annoyed though that I was JUST at the county building yesterday and didnt get birth certs because they said they ddint need them and NOW I get the info and it says they need them. maybe its general? and since they hve a copy of our old hs they wont need them? if they do its hi ho hi ho off to the county I hours drive away. oh! but we have orthodontist next week so have to swing through that town anyways I guess I could pick em up if I had to.