Thursday, May 21, 2009

homestudy stuff

heading out to talk with social worker today for homestudy. meeting in the office because we will be in the area. She can work on writing things up then and stop by the house sometime later. cutting it awful close as Eric was on call last night and STILL isnt finished working!
not to worried but hoping all goes well. Really after talking to the agency and the worker several times already I think it should be fine. but you never know. yesterday someone who was going to write a letter for me to the agency said they woudlnt so I had to scramble to find someone who would. her beef was that I am not the believer that she is and she isnt sure about bringing the kids home because what if they died? what would happen to their soul? like the orphanages in EE are passing out the word of god. right. whatever. anyways I have to get erics birth cert so I can send in the i600a. hope all falls into place quickly here!

and I THINK I have narrowed little boys name down to Riorden Truman and Courtland