Thursday, May 14, 2009

I feel a little bad that NO ONE has donated ANYTHING towards helping our kids come home. they will donate to save the zebras but not our children. they will buy expensive coffess but cant donate. They want us to donate for their schools. Our magazine fundriaser has raised nothing. The only money I made off of it was my own when I ordered some magazines. and some people have money falling into their laps. How does that work? We are prepared to foot the entire bill but it might have been nice to see that someone cared enough about us to care about what we care about. My mom said we shouldnt do fundraisers like asking people to buy things, we should just outright ask them for money. So I am asking. donate to help us get these kids home. Once they are here our entire life is going to change, we will need a new van to acommodate them, we are already planning to rearrange the house for them. there will be plenty of medical bills for them. therapies, surgeries, doctor visits, adaptive equipment. our expenses do not stop after we get them home. gathering documents is expensive in and of itself. 75 dollars for a couple copies of birth certificates is a lot! but its what we need so we do it. Tonight we drove to Milaca for fingerprinting. that was another 20 plus gas. it adds up fast! I always think I can count on people to help out. I wish they wouldnt prove me wrong so often!