Saturday, May 2, 2009

bah! its the weekend!

generally people say oh good its the weekend. not me. the weekend is two days each week that NOTHING HAPPENS towards bringing home our Ana. There is no one to contact. no calls to make. no paperwork. Its so hard to sit and do nothng! I mean there is plenty of stuff I could do around the house, but no adoption specific activities. And all I want is to get that babygirl HOME! I imagine it is hard to put pants on with her legs permanently bent and her unable to stand. SO I am thinking chubber covers and dresses. thankfully I have another daughter who will only wear dresses so I think I probably have plenty of dresses I can hand down. I suppose I should get out my serger and whip up some chubber covers so I will have enough. thats something adoption related right? so I could feel I accomplished SOMETHING? maybe?