Sunday, May 10, 2009

more paperwork

filled out a bunch more papers for the homestudy. need to get birth certs and marriage certs and get the local PD to help with fingerprinting. and get a local background check. gosh it was SO MUCH easier last time we adopted! I dont understand why I have to pay SO MUCH MONEY when I am doing all the work! essentially all the hs agency does is look about your house and spend a couple hours with you and says yay or nay (after a adam walsh background check of course) I feel like my hands are so tied. I want to get stuff done and be finished and just concentrate on waiting but there is so much to do and each thing cant be done unless something else has been done. Cant file the i600 until the hs(at least that is what the hs agency is telling us to do) cant gather dossier until the hs is done. cant do home visit until reams of paperwork is finished and we have gotten the local pd to do a background check. if these kids are sitting there just waiting for a home then why isnt the process more streamlined and not done in procession but rather all at the same time? well I know I cant change the world but I just feel that things are not moving fast enough for my liking and I just want it over and done and get our babygirl home. And I am a worrier. I keep trying to get this form that I am supposed to do but I am discouraged because I still dont have it. I dont want to lose out on my Annie. and again its the weekend and mothers day at that so very much NOTHING I can do. tomorrow. tomorrow is monday. I can wait one day right? I have to anyways.