Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is crazy

In speaking with BCIS they have no record of my filing, which means they havent gotten to it yet they say. and the website says they are currently processing march but also says the date is may. I just dont understand. they tell me I have to wait another three months for them to get to June forms and then it takes 3 months so dont call us until it has been six months since you filed. thats december! I filed the form, I did the biometrics, the homestudy was supposed to be filed early this week. and yet they have nothing? they can tell me NOTHING? It is so awful dealing with goverenmental agencies. my receipt number shows nothing online, says its invalid, got me nothing on the automated phone system also invalid, and the man looking it up got nothing from it. but then he didnt ask my name. only the reciept number. I am so tired of beaurocratics. why is it so hard to bring these kids home? I have done the homestudy and proven I am worthy and also proven I have no nefarious background why cant I just go get them?? are they ever EVER EVER going to come home? I mean really and truly, if its december before I get the I171H then I will end up having to redo other documents, taking more time and money. I am so glad I rushed the passport apps, they will be here next week, too bad we wont be going anywhere. I cant even call my husband since he is in court this afternoon. so I just sit here and cry all alone. I could handle we need more time but no record at all? I just dont exist? its no wonder I am losing my hair.