Friday, July 24, 2009

the scoop

spoke with agency today. Homestudy went in on Monday. and she said dont take too much stock in what they say on the phone. she said she absolutely NEVER EVER calls them for any reason because it never gets her ANYWHERE. she always emails and its taken care of. She sent along the note I faxed her with pics of the kids and asking for expediency due to their special needs. She also added her OWN note about their special needs and please be quick. I was told it CAN take up to 3 months but the one other time she added a note about special needs and please hurry it was done just under a month. so IF that were the case it would be about three weeks till it comes. unless they have a heart. she also said that the fact that they found nothing means nothing. and she was not at all bothered by my calling she said call all you want I dont mind, I would rather you call and I can tell you what I know than to have you waiitng wondering and perhaps it slipped through the cracks soemwhere. so at least they dont think I am a bother calling all the time.

we have a couple of documents to redo. but they are simple ones that I just need to print off the computer and sign at notary, nothing that I have to run out of town for or anything. I put off apostille until we have everything since Eric had to be in court to testify on the day we had planned to do the apostille. I dont have hs in hand yet as they are waiting on updated notary since the main person who notaries has one that expires in January 10. I figure since I dont have I171H yet in hand I cant send anyways.

so now we wait. some more.