Wednesday, July 15, 2009


are they ever coming home? once this stupid AW thing gets done it still could take another month or more for BCIS to do their thing. Every day I wait and hope for SOMETHING. SOME news. Every day goes by and I have nothing. When we committed Andrea said "they can't wait three months for a homestudy" and I feel now as all of this drags on that we might be holding them back. and there is absolutely nothing I can do. waiting has never been easy for me. I am a true American, I want what I want when I want it. and darnit I want those kids! and I want them NOW! It hurts my heart to think of them over there without a family when we here are dying to be their family asap and yet we cant, at least not yet. we have to wait, and wait, and WAIT until some beaureaucrat decides to look at our file. Dare I even call DHS again or is that going to just hold up the study more? does it end up at the bottom of the pile then? knowing that precious time is slipping away for them is so difficult. As they grow and their mobility lessens, I fear it will be less likely for them to ever be able to recover some of their joints abilities. The little boy will be 6 in about 3 months. the little girl will be 4 in 5 months. they need therapies, they need interventions, they need rehabilitation. but they sit and wait. while our file sits on someones desk waiting for them to return from vacation or coffee break or just have a day they feel like working. I do not do well with unknowns. I need SOMETHING. if they said done by the end of the month for sure then at least I would know. but no they just say more time is needed. how is that for abstract and nonspecific? I like to have a plan and have things go according to plan. this AW wait is not in my plan. and its making it very hard on me.