Wednesday, July 29, 2009

still no I171H

still nothing on the website. still says my receipt number is invalid. The website is still outdated. but with a little digging I came up with an email address. Sent off a very nice letter stating that I TRIED to check online as advised, and that didnt work, and I TRIED to look at their website for timelines but that is outdated, and I TRIED calling the 800 number and got nowhere. I asked for news and if possible expediency due to the kids somewhat severe special needs. Hope it works. Even if they wrote and said yeah we have it all, we just havent gotten to it yet, then at least I would know. of course it wouldnt be enough and I would still be worried and waiting but I would know that time is not lost. but not knowing if they even have any record of me is difficult. hoping for some news tomorrow, ANY news. We filed with the Saint Paul, MN office so if anyone needs that email address let me know(provided it isnt outdated and returned to me undeliverable)