Tuesday, July 7, 2009


grr! I found a number for dhs to check on my prints. they are rejected again. funny I havent heard from the feds that THEY rejected my prints. but MN is funny that way. She tried telling me they just got it on the 29 but thats bull because I sent it out on the 22 and there is NO WAY it takes a week to get to a city two hours away. I politely explained my situation and that we are waiting on identified kids with special needs and that they will be going to an institution if we cant get there and they are the ones holding everything up. "I am sure you can understand our dilemma." she put me on hold to track down my file. found it and told me it was rejected a second time and that they were in the process of doing a search based on name. She told me right now that is running about a week. so tell my agency to watch for it next week. SO FRUSTRATING!! another week!! which pushes back hopes for travel even further. sigh. are they ever coming home? will they ever see the little beds we have for them? will they ever see the little blankets I made for them? will they ever see the brothers and sisters eagerly awaiting them? feels like forever.