Monday, July 20, 2009

Good news at last!

My adam walsh study is DONE. 9 weeks later. they are sending it to the BCIS today along with a letter I faxed over which asks for expedition(which I also included in the original I600A application.) so now we hurry up and wait for that government entity. but its one hurdle down! Of course the notary at the homestudy agency expires end of january. I dont think that is gonna work. I told them that. she said she would look elsewhere in the building and see if she can find someone else who can notary the licenses and the hs. but FINALLY FINALLY my hs is done. Planning to apostille everything all at once on Thursday(if we have the hs by then, or if we dont we could maybe pick it up)hang in there Sophie and Ben we havent forgotten about you! even though you dont even know we are out here, we are working very hard to make you our own!