Thursday, October 1, 2009

the scoop

Got an email from Yulia. I sent her my itinerary. She wrote earlier to verify that someone would pick us up from the airport. So I was surprised to see a letter from her. My first thought was panic. but it wasnt anything bad. Just a note letting us know that Monday the office of vital statistics was closed(not sure if its just THIS monday or every monday) so we would start our business on Tuesday and we needed to be to a city near C-city (where one of the kids was born) at 830am! thats gonna be an early day! When we went to Ptown we left at 640. but then we waited a half hour for Yulia to come out of her apartment building. Wonder what time we will be leaving THAT day? And I also wonder if there is a road to C-city directly from Sunny K or will we have to go all the way to Ptown and up from there. Not that anyone of you will know, I am just wondering aloud. So we are one step closer to having OUR kids full time. I got a mei tai sling for Sophie. I hope she will tolerate it, I slung up Ethan(7) and it worked great. Wish I had one for Maia when she was a baby! I also have a Maia wrap (ring sling)(2 of them) so I will hope that one of those will work for her. She likes to be carried so hopefully she can adjust. if not we will have to break down and buy a stroller while we are there. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am goin to get my babies!! and hopefully have a moment to see the other babies we WANT to bring home!