Friday, October 9, 2009


SOOOOOOOO ready to be home. Couldnt get home today because everyone in germany wants out this weekend apparently. we couldnt get a seat at all until monday which is our scheduled date anyways. We tried to go for a walk today but Sophie brought new meaning to the name Nastya as she had a screaming fit and I had to return to the apartment with her screaming the entire way. The boys went and explored St Michael's monastery. Ben was great Eric said. Sophie napped the entire time they were gone. The babushkas at the door gave me what for because Sophie was screaming. telling me to feed her. when I tried to say I already did they threw their hands up in ahh to heck with you manner. After a much needed nap she was happy again. She and Ben play so well together. and she tattles on him and he tries to tell her what to do. ahh siblings already! No one is sleeping much at night because Sophie is supposed to wear AFOS they told us and she screams bloody murder at the very sight of them. We are beginning to think perhaaps she is supposed to wear them every night but HASNT been before our arrival. Even the SOCKS bring on tears and hysterics. When she is well rested she is very sweet and cute. she was holding my hand in the night and stroking my cheek and telling me she loves me and kissing my face. every time I take her potty or feed her she tells me she loves me. its very cute. Ben is just a little go getter and funny as all get out. He too is a love. he likes snuggling way more than she does. He doesnt want to go to bed at night either. so when one sleeps the other one screams and wakes us all. very fun times = )Ben loves to tickle and roughhouse with daddy and Sophie is still just a LITTLE standoffish but will allow Eric to help her or occasionally carry her and she just coudlnt resist riding an "airplane" as Eric held her up in the air.

One cute story before I run, On the way home to Sunny K from Ptown Ben kept talking about Amelica and when we came into Kiev he drew a big breath and sighed "AMELICA!" we laughed and told him it was Kiev and so then every big building they saw they would laugh and say AMELICA! AMELICA! Ben keeps asking when we go to Amelica. I told him Utro Utro Utro,(3 mornings) he seems to understand that. ok we are at Mcdonalds for net access and kids are with cody so better run. dont want to leave them too long and they will be looking for dinner soon.