Thursday, October 15, 2009

another new day

new firsts. Yesterday I tucked both kids into the double stroller and took them all for a walk up the road. Ben LOOOVES this. he laughed and laughed. Maia wanted to run ahead as she always does and they ran around the culdesac that has no houses on it and ben just laughed at her and kept saying MAIA! and then laughing. Sophie didnt say much but once in awhile Ben would say something to her and she would reply. She did NOT like putting on mittens. But I wonder if someone forced her thumb(which is tucked in her palm) into mittens, because she started to fuss but when she realised I was just sticking her whole hand in the open part of the mitten she stopped immediately. and she had no problem at all with my putting on the other mitten.

All those leggings I sewed that I tried to sell(and didnt)are now working out PERFECTLY for us. Sophie wears them under her dress so we can have easy access to use the toilet. but she still gets to stay warm. they go right up to her underpants because her legs are so small.

We had beans and rice a couple days ago and they liked that ok. Last night was weds night Pizza(tradition. Eric's call night= mom doesnt cook) Sophie didnt like it at first and just drank her milk. but when Maia finished hers and moved on to something else Sophie decided she would eat the pizza so she could have what Maia had. Ben ate it pretty well. as well as he eats anything. he will eat about anything but just doesnt eat much. Sophie has more discerning tastes lol.

There was some screaming yesterday from Sophie and Ben when they didnt get their way on something. I actually had to put Ben in time out for the first time(he is very much gentle Ben) When I wouldnt let him take something from Sophie and he started throwing everything across the room and screaming. he was much quicker to say sorry than she is. and then I let him down and held him in my lap and played with him. Ethan doesnt like all the screaming. I remind him he does plenty and when he first came home he cried all day every day. He doesnt like to hear that he just wants them to shut up lol.

We read bedtime stories together and ben loved it but Sophie was not into it. I put her to bed after one story because she wouldnt listen or be still with us. Ben listened to about 5 and willingly went to bed. ( of course they didnt STAY there last night all night)

Thanks meredith for the phone call. no worries. life is hard at this point yes, but I now have serious doubts life will be THIS hard FOREVER. It has to end. It will end. Its just a matter of when.