Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it's a new day

today we started our day a bit after 6. The boys heard Daddy get up for work and then they were LOUD playing around in their room. Sophie currently sleeps with us, as in in the middle of the bed. So she woke around the same time and Daddy said goodbye and left. we stayed in bed a little longer while the boys played in their room. Then it was potty time and time to get mama dressed and go get the boys. Ben wants his drink the very moment he wakes up. no good morning. just give me my drink. I made him wait a little. Held him in my lap talking to him and trying to get him to say goodmorning. I think he has a hearing problem, fluid in his ears or soemthing. he repeats words in a garbled fashion. Sophie speaks loud and clear(emphasis on LOUD) but bens words come out kind of mixed up.

The piano and the guitar are apparently top toys as those send Sophie into fits every time. She cant stand for anyone else to play the piano. and wait her turn? are you crazy? really? you mean WAIT? She throws herself back and screams at me in russian or whatever she speaks but refuses to talk nice to me for help. I am supposed to just sit her right up after she throws herself back in a tantrum. That just doesnt work for me. She is a stubborn one. She will miss out on a treat rather than give in and say one little word. please. even Spaseeba would suffice but she wont give in. Its only 10 and I think she needs a nap already. getting up at 6 is just too early but alas if Papa no workie Sophie no eat. so I guess she will just have to learn to deal with getting up at 6 or learn to sleep through Daddys getting up at 6.

Last night was beans and rice for dinner and they actually ate it. no one said Kaka. Ben doesnt eat much in general but he ate the whole bowl I made for him. and this morning they both ate all their cereal. except Ben fed some of his to the dog. The dog thinks they are a great addition to the family. they smell like food. they taste like food! he follows them around trying to lick them. Ben wanted to lick back. ugh. no thank you on that! I was worried that the dog wouldnt take to them and was preparing myself for finding him a new home. but he seems to think they are amusing and is acting like a puppy again.