Tuesday, October 13, 2009

home at last!

we are home. after a particularly arduous 27 hour journey with a couple of screamers. we did initiate every airport we entered with Sophie's wailing. The highlights of the trip include being chastised for using the handicapped bathroom in Frankfurt, yknow for my HANDICAPPED daughter. a little ticked there. The kids refused to eat much of what was served on the plane. Kaka they said. which must mean yukky. Sophie ate the raw veggies where she could, and desert and some bread. Ben ate a little chicken and a veggie pocket much later. and apparently on short flights they dont offer families with small children a chance to board early. very annoying as we DO need more time and boarding us at the same time as 30 other rows means everyone stands in the aisle waiting while we try to situate ourselves and kids and stow stuff.

The kids we brought home are not the same children we initially blogged about. While they are beautiful, and CAN be loving, more of their issues have come out. and we are seeing a lot of things with new eyes. Things are kind of tough right now. Sophie the spoiled brat is the biggest problem. she has not taken well to being dethroned. Where she came from she was the princess. the royal highness. she was given anything and everything she wanted whenever she wanted it. Just keep her quiet. she played on a mat so she just falls over closes her eyes and sleeps when she wants to. thats not so convenient in the real world. she is supposed to wear AFOs when she sleeps, but after listening to her scream an ENTIRE NIGHT we are convinced she was never actually forced to wear them. she screamed at the very sight of them. funny that ben has had his for only a month and they are nearly worn out but she has had hers long term and they are like new? uhh something doesnt match up there. She tolerates them now after that miserable night. She has a temper that flares quickly. She can scream for hours. she doesnt give up. even when she isnt winning or wont win. Last night I wouldnt let her sleep with a sippy cup of apple juice in her mouth. she screamed a good twenty miles. She was sound asleep but wasnt giving up that cup. I pried it out of her teeth. she is that stubborn.

Ben is Sophie's enabler. If she wants something he gives it to her even if he wants it. he tries to feed her his food rather than eat it himself. Seperating them at meals helps with that. but when I say no she has to share, ben can keep the toy, he neednt give it up just because she screams, he gives it to her rather than listen to her carry on. I have taken to putting the toy up then. which isnt popular as you can imagine. She can not just snatch things from others, and he needs to be able to play too, he shouldnt have to hand over everything he touches because SHE wants it.

None of us is very happy. It is tough times here. If you have something nice to say feel free to say it, I could use the support. if you dont have anything nice to say, then please dont bother posting, I dont need your attitude.
Right now the kids are napping, they really need it. they are so sleepy. even after sleeping a lot of the day and most of the night. They played the morning away, played the piano, had some tough love and time outs, and a freak out moment when the cat jumped on the bed. they need a nap and I need them to nap.

My other kids will arrive home this afternoon. Missed them tons. Cant wait to see them.

on a side note, the kids, both of them are completely toilet trained. unable to take themselves to the toilet without help, but very reliably trained. one diahreea accident at the embassy for Ben(we had all been dealing with that bug) and thats it. several days in Kiev, and the long journey home, first night at home, first day at home, and no accidents. I think if they can travel that long without accidents they are pretty well trained. so today is back to cotton underpants instead of paper pullups. cotton sure is easier with Sophie.