Tuesday, October 6, 2009

here and gone again

here in ptown. spent the ENTIRE day in the car today, just sitting at McDs for a few so we can email paatrick about tickets. Went to the city of bens birth as well as sophies(two different places) met Sophie's grandmother(wonderful wonderful beautiful woman) we plan to keep in touch with her and she gave us photo of birth parents, as well as sophie's baptism necklace and outfit and blanket. VERY sweet. they also left a lot of things for us at the orphanage. video of sophie through the years. She was very happy for us to take her home. we were very happy to meet her and provide an opportunity to watch sophie grow in pictures.
So tomorrow we will get the kids and the passports if all goes according to plan we will fly home friday. so pray it all goes to plan!

and BOB! your adapters got us our own bomb search in frankfurt! thank goodness we know you only used them for good and not evil or we would have been sweating bullets as they swiped them for residue! I expect we will see the same on the way back through frankfurt. Bob will let you know as soon as we know when we will get in. Cody says we should call you guys uncle bob and aunt jeanne. = )

ok gotta go talk to yall soon enough!