Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ok we really MUST start speaking English

most often between each other Sophie and Bean speak Russian/Ukrainian whatever it is they speak. They speak it to us as well. Even for things they have the english word for. but then they get mad when we dont understand them all the time. I have learned a lot of meanings to what they say but some I just dont know. So the time has come that they must learn English. So from here on out my plan is to have them say it in English before they get what they want. I will gladly provide the word, they only need repeat it. hopefully this will lead to them using the word independently without prompting.

Ben said tonight "come here!" thats a pretty cool thing! and we think its histerical when they say "yeah baby!" which prompts them to say it again when they hear our fits of giggles. so English, HERE WE COME!