Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ben knows what 1 2 3 means. and sophie is annoying him so he told her one! TWO! SIX!!!!!!! grrrr! lol he loves 6. he always counts 5 6. or 1 2 3 6. I guess thats his favorite number.

They are lost today without Ethan and Maia. even though they do nothing but scream at each other when they are all here. E and M went with daddy for the day to run errands and I kept these two. We have to take C and C to their dad later this afternoon and there arent enough seats in the van for all of us. so off they went with Daddy. I am sure they will love it. They love getting the oil changed and spending time with dad. and in Dads car they sit next to each other and play and fight and play and fight all the way to wherever they go.

Yesterday we went for a long ride. Sophie likes the car. she slept on the way home. Maybe I will get lucky and she will sleep when we take the kids to their dad today too. She so needs a nap but rarely gets it because of all the racket that goes on around here all day. Next week Ethan goes to school so that will quiet things a bit.