Monday, November 2, 2009

natasha and illiana

when we were in Ukraine visiting Ben and Sophie there were some SUPER kids in Ben's group. We spent a lot of time playing with them. we watched two little girls blossom from shy and unsure to outgoing and funny. We asked if they were available for adoption and it was alluded to that these girls had a disease that was incurable. This leads us to believe that they have either HIV or HepB. Either way I know that the H1N1 virus is becoming a global pandemic and Ukraine is beginning to see the effects of it. I worry about these two girls. They are smart and really great kids. I would LOVE to go back and bring them home. I dont know if that is possible BUT I do want to keep them in my thoughts and hope for their health. I hope you will think of them along with me. If they get H1N1 it could kill them. If you are praying folk, pray for them. If you arent, then send good vibes into the world for them, or just think good thoughts for them. the power of positive thinking.